2011-2012 Winter Fashion

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2011-2012 Winter Fashion Forecast trend College

As winter slowly approaching, fashion and fashion school students analyze a new, creative ideas for the upcoming fashion trends of the season. Fortunately for all of the above, some trends in the forecast thick, layered and more meaningful than usual. If you are not someone who is interested to attend college fashion design, or expensive to just clean your clothes every time, then read on for some particularly hot fashion tips to keep your spirits warm this winter.

A. A good coat. A thick warm coat is a necessity due to cold temperatures and began to rain, sleet and snow. If you want to go out and about this time, you should dress in layers to keep you warm! During this period, the fashion school students can really make a statement, a thick jacket knitted in bright, bold colors. For the urban-chic style, try either adjusted or trench coat in a wool pea smart. For more bohemian look, try a sweater, a large woolen cover or poncho. To achieve the look neat but exciting, try switching long coat.

2. Keep warm in one piece. This winter, and fruiting in 1970 which continues to influence fashion trends funky. Full-jumper from the body, or "one-piece" we like to call to take the fashion world by storm, and they are definitely a must-have for some mysterious elegance in the winter. Depending on your body type, you can try a long-sleeved or sleeveless and pieces, or scoop necks to see, more sexy evening. If you want to continue to experiment with different pieces and how they flatter the figure, try wide-legged bodysuit, harem pants or cuts, tighter skinny. Also, for a versatile style, try to experiment with different fabrics, like silk, satin, or even leather!

3. And mixing bold patterns. It has never been cooler and large bold print and color choices. Every fashion conscious beings fear clashing colors, catwalk autumn and winter make it clear that no one should be afraid if you have to kick their style up a notch this season. Try mixing colored t-shirt jean-striped prison. Color-blocking, (or combining the use of two or more blocks of solid color on the clothes or the group) is also the hottest look right now.


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